Friday, July 8, 2011

We're in ETHIOPIA!

With a sigh of relief, we can say that we are in ETHIOPIA! It was a good moment when we could finally get off the plane after a 13 hour flight. It is safe to say that none us girls from Morton got more than 3 hours of sleep on the plane ride here. Between a sleepless night in Chicago, and a sleepless night in the air --- we are PLUM tuckered out :) We have been thanking the Lord all day for the safety mercies He has given us all along the road. Everything has been going very smooth for the most part. We did have an issue in customs upon arrival to Ethiopia. Half of the group was able to make it through customs without any hitches. Whereas, several of our group members were detained in customs while they thoroughly searched their bags. After 3 hours of being held in a room, they were released after having to pay $500 worth of taxes on some items. We are just so thankful to be out of the airport and settled into our guest house. However, with being detained at the airport we were late getting to our first orphanage. So, this evening we have taken advantage of organizing NUMEROUS donations, eating dinner, and doing some much needed unwinding. After being able to actually sprawl out in a bed tonight, I'm sure we'll all be anxious to do what we've come here to do - LOVE ON SOME ORPHANS! Already we've come across some little boys playing outside in the street. Someone from our group had given them a frisbee and some lollipops and you could just see their delight. One little boy held up his lollipop, and with his little Ethiopian accent told me what it was ... "a wowipop". Brings a smile to your face, and reminds you why you have gone 2 nights without sleep, and traveled to a strange land!
Another thing I am counting as an answered prayer ---- wifi internet! WOOHOO! The Lord knew I needed that communication with my little (and bigger) man at home :) Check back every day or so for an up to date detailing of our journey :) Thanks for all of your prayers. Continue to pray for safety, health, and the Lord's leading. So anxious for the Lord's work this week!
And so ... I'm stepping out!

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